The Grounds

Surrounding, and within the extensive grounds of the Crematorium is ancient semi-natural woodland, designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

To the north east of the site there is a shaded naturally draining pond which provides sanctuary for a locally very rare heathland species called Floating Clubrush (Eleogiton fluitans). This is only the fourth known location for this species in south east Hampshire. The clubrush forms roots on the pond bed when the pond is dry and when the pond naturally fills with rainwater, its roots detach and it ‘floats’ on the top of the water, re-attaching its roots when the pond naturally dries out again. In another area of the site an attenuation pond provides further wildlife habitat.

The development of the site has involved converting poor quality agricultural land used for grazing, into enriched landscaped habitat. The Crematorium has been working with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to protect and enhance the environment, creating additional habitats for wildlife. This has involved sensitively clearing and enhancing the pond area with the planting of native woodland flowers and marginal pond species like flag iris.

The tree planting and landscaping blends seamlessly with the woodland surroundings and a tranquil memorial garden and wildflower meadow provide a haven for pollinators like bees and other wildlife.


The Grounds at The Oaks

The Grounds at The Oaks