Crafted from sustainable timber and natural windfall sources from woodland locations nationwide, each woodland orb is unique, providing an original memorial.

As the orb becomes established within the woodland it will become home to mosses and insects, contributing to the wildlife and health of the woodland environment.

Each orb comes with a granite memorial plaque with gold leaf inscription for your personal tributes.

A flower holder and vase can also be ordered for floral tributes, complementing the style and look of your chosen orb.

Interment memorial

Some of the woodland orbs within our range have a unique feature of holding cremated remains. A special steel casket within the orb can hold from one to four interments, dependent on the size of orb selected.

Remembrance memorial

It is not a prerequisite to inter cremated remains into the orb. They can also be used as a remembrance memorial for your loved one’s scattered cremated remains, regardless of whether this has taken place at The Oaks or at another location.