Over the years all kinds of myths and beliefs have grown around the process of cremation, which can sometimes cause distress. Should you have any concerns or require reassurance on any matter, please do not hesitate to call us or call in to discuss, we are here to help.

Below we have given answers to some of the most frequently asked questions which hopefully will be helpful.


Can I witness the placing of the coffin into the cremator?

Yes – For safety reasons numbers are limited but up to six people can be permitted to witness.

Can I tour the facilities at any time?

Yes – The memorial gardens, wildflower meadow, woodland glade and memorial mounds all have free access during normal working  hours, the service hall and crematory area however is with the permission and guidance of the Crematorium Manager only.

Do I have to have a religious funeral?

A religious service or a non religious ceremony can be held in the service hall at The Oaks. Any person may conduct the funeral - it is not a requirement to have a religious minister.

Are the cremated remains really that of my loved one?

Yes – All cremations are completed individually in accordance with the institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) Guiding Principles for Cremation. Each cremation service has a unique identification number and label which follows the deceased and whole cremation process.

What happens to the cremated remains?

The cremated remains are available 48 hours after the funeral unless otherwise specifically requested. They can be interred or scattered within The Oaks grounds, which can be witnessed if desired. Various memorials are available, but ultimately what happens to them is the decision of the applicant for cremation.

How soon after the ceremony is the body cremated?

Usually within a few hours but under guidelines drawn up by the ICCM (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) always within 72 hours. This means the remains are cremated at the time which will cause the least environmental impact.

What happens to jewellery and any personal effects?

All of the contents of the coffin are cremated along with the deceased in its entirety.

Do I need a funeral director to book a cremation or can I book directly?

No a family can book a time with us directly. They would then need to provide all statutory and non-statutory documentation.