The Oaks Crematorium philosophy and ethos is to ensure the bereaved receive a premier level of service at their time of need in an environment which is peaceful, restful and reflective, whilst being situated in lovely grounds and surroundings.

We aim to ensure The Oaks is managed competently and efficiently to ensure the service is provided safely and without error or insensitivity whilst meeting the religious, secular, ethnic and cultural needs of all families who use this crematorium.

We aim to minimise the impact we have on the environment and shall encourage the use of environmentally friendly products and processes to achieve a service that adapts to change and is flexible for all who use it.

Our Colleagues are suitably qualified and have been trained to ensure correct conduct, demeanour and technical expertise is available to ensure the above is achieved.  They will also strive to provide a service that is both sympathetic to the individual funeral needs of bereaved families, and will also provide maximum choice of service and memorialisation.

To help us ensure we achieve the above, the following Terms and Conditions have been created to ensure all who visit The Oaks receives this experience and the original concept of the building, grounds and surroundings are sustained.

Please click on the link below that applies to your circumstance in order to download the relevant document:

pdf_icon_small For the Public and the Bereaved

pdf_icon_small For the Funeral Director

pdf_icon_small For Clergy and Officiants

pdf_icon_small For Memorialisation

pdf_icon_small Best Practice Guidance Documents for Infant Cremation

pdf_icon_small Infant Cremation Policy Statement