Music and Visual Tributes at the Funeral

The music played at the funeral is an important choice and for many it remains an abiding memory.

Music does not have to be limited to classical pieces or a hymn. Favourite pop songs, musicals and even music recorded by a family member can help personalise the funeral service.

All forms of live music are welcome and a high quality Bose sound system is provided for performances. The service hall is fitted with a digital piano/organ and we can arrange for the provision of an organist if required.

Wesley Media System

The Oaks Crematorium has joined tradition with technology using the Wesley Media System, providing an extensive music library with multimedia screens in both the service hall and vestibule area. The state of the art system provides video/audio playback, recording and live webcasting facilities.

The Wesley Media library covers all music styles and genres. Wesley Media can help you in selecting an appropriate track and can even arrange recordings of personal performances or very old recordings to be placed on the system.

Audio Recording of Services

The funeral service audio can be recorded and supplied onto a professionally edited disc as a personal keepsake.

Holding Pictures on Screen

A special picture of your loved one can be displayed on screen during the service, personalising the funeral in a very memorable way. Alternatively you may wish to use an image from our library, ranging from national flags to soft landscape scenes.

Visual Life Tribute

A visual life tribute adds an extremely personal touch to the funeral. A combination of family photos, images and video of your loved one can be overlaid with favourite music from the Wesley Media library to play on screen during the service.

Web-Casting of Services

A live broadcast of the service can be transmitted securely over the internet to invited guests, allowing absent family and friends to view the service from anywhere in the world.

Webcast audio and video images can also be recorded and supplied onto a professionally edited disc to share with family and friends.
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pdf_icon_small Download Wesley Media Instructions for webcast (opens in new tab 585KB)